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The most popular entertainments shows such as The House of Dancing and Taboo is here at City of Dreams! It is also housing two Michelin star winning restaurants, the Jade Dragon(Chinese)and the Tasting Room(French). In addition, New fusion area of dining & entertainment called “SOHO” was opened after renovating

Ways to Access City of Dreams

◆By taxi

Since most of the taxi drivers can’t communicate in English, write your destination on a piece of paper(in Chinese)and show it to them for a smooth journey.

City of Dreams:CODchinesecharactor

If you want to go to the house of Dancing water, Grand Hyatt hotel’s entrance is the nearest way.

Grand Hyatt Hotel:Grand Hyatt Chinese Charactor

◆By Free Shuttle Buses

 Free shuttle bus is available at Ferry terminals, boarder to China, macau central’s Sintra Hotel Macau Tower,and there is from Galaxy hotel as well.
These are very convenient if you’d go by free shuttle buses.

Timetable for Shuttle buses to City of Dreams

◆Direction going to the House of Dancing Water

Reach there easily by following the Dancing Water signboard after you arrived at City of Dreams.

>> Reservation for The House of Dancing Water

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Direction going to the House of Dancing Water

City of Dreams Official Website



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